Best & Worst Dodge Charger Years

The Dodge Charger has been an iconic presence on the American automotive scene for over five decades, and its various iterations have garnered both praise and criticism from enthusiasts and critics alike.

We will delve into the best & worst Dodge Charger years, 6th and 7th generations, exploring the standout models that have left a lasting impression on drivers and dissecting those that have fallen short of expectations.

If you’re a die-hard Charger enthusiast or simply curious about the evolution of this legendary muscle car, buckle up as we take a thrilling ride through the best Dodge Charger years and which Dodge Charger years to avoid one of America’s most beloved vehicles.

Dodge Charger Generations:

The Dodge Charger has left an indelible mark on the American automotive landscape with its iconic design and powerful performance. Here is a table for Dodge Charger Generations:

6th generation2006 to 2010
7th generation2011 to Present

Dodge Charger Best, Neutral, and Worst Years:

We will categorize Dodge Chargers in Best, Neutral, and Worst Years. Our categorizations are based on research, including various factors:

  • Owner-reported reliability surveys can provide valuable insights into the long-term performance of a car as they reflect the experiences of actual owners.
  • Annual maintenance costs play a crucial role in determining the overall ownership expenses, making it essential to factor in this aspect when assessing a vehicle’s reliability.
  • Safety ratings from reputable organizations such as NHTSA and Consumer Reports can also offer valuable information about a car’s safety features and crashworthiness.
  • Consumer satisfaction scores from sources like JD Power and Kelley Blue Book owner ratings can comprehensively understand how owners perceive their vehicles over time.
  • VehicleHistory and owner ratings are the most important things.

Below is a graph of Dodge’s charger rating based on the abovementioned factors.

Below, we will add a table to categorize all model years of the 6th and 7th generations into the best, neutral, and worst years.

GenerationBest YearsNeutral YearsWorst Years
6th generation2009
7th generation2016, 2019
2020, 2022
2011, 2012, 2013
2014, 2018, 2021

Neutral years in the context of car performance refer to years when a vehicle performs adequately without any outstanding or significant issues. It means the car provides balanced value without standing out or faltering regarding reliability and performance.

It’s important to note that NHTSA recalls can negatively affect rankings and lower the overall reliability score of a car during these neutral years.

Best & Worst Years for Dodge Charger 6th Generation (2006-2010)

The Dodge Charger 6th generation, spanning from 2006 to 2010, has seen its fair share of ups and downs.

 best & worst Dodge Charger years

The Best Years: 2009, 2010

The years 2009 and 2010 were pivotal for Dodge Charger enthusiasts as they witnessed the fifth and final model years of the sixth-generation Dodge Charger (2006-2010).

With its bold, aggressive design, powerful V8 engine options, and a classic American muscle car feel, the 2009 and 2010 models continued to capture the hearts of performance car aficionados.

The Dodge Charger’s evolving design language reflected an era that embraced both classic muscle car styling and modern technological advancements.

As fuel efficiency became a growing concern in the late 2000s, Dodge re-engineered aspects of the Charger’s powertrains to offer better mileage without compromising on its exhilarating performance.

The Neutral Years: 2007, 2008

The years 2007 and 2008 marked a period of transition and reflection in the automotive industry, particularly with the release of the sixth-generation Dodge Charger in 2006.

This iconic vehicle symbolized a shift towards modern design and performance, as it seamlessly blended classic American muscle with contemporary technology.

With its sleek exterior and powerful engine options, the Charger became a standout choice for enthusiasts seeking both style and substance. The year 2007 saw an evolution of this model, with minor but impactful updates that further solidified its position as a leading contender in the sports sedan category.

The automotive landscape continued to evolve rapidly, prompting manufacturers to adapt to changing consumer preferences with heightened awareness around fuel efficiency and environmental impact, car buyers began seeking more sustainable options without sacrificing power or style.

Best & worst Dodge Charger years For 7th Generation (2011-Present)

The 7th generation Dodge Charger, spanning from 2011 to the present, has seen both impressive highs and disappointing lows.

 best & worst Dodge Charger years

The Best Years: 2016, 2019, 2020, 2022

2016 marked a significant year for Dodge Charger fans with the release of the seventh generation model. With its sleek design, powerful engine options, and advanced technology features, the 2016 Dodge Charger took automotive enthusiasts by storm.

The updated interior and improved fuel efficiency made it a standout in its class. This year truly set the stage for what was to come from Dodge in the following years.

Boasting an even more aggressive exterior design and upgraded performance enhancements, the 2020 model solidified itself as a modern muscle car icon. The addition of new technology and safety features further positioned this iteration as a compelling choice for enthusiasts seeking both power and practicality on the road.

The evolution of this iconic vehicle across these years highlights its enduring appeal and continued relevance in today’s automotive landscape.

The Neutral Years: 2017, 2023

The years 2017 and 2023 marked a significant era for the automotive industry, particularly with the introduction of the 7th generation Dodge Charger. This iconic vehicle has stood the test of time, and its sleek design and powerful performance continue to captivate car enthusiasts worldwide.

In 2017, the Dodge Charger underwent a notable refresh, enhancing its already impressive features and solidifying its status as a staple in American muscle cars.

Fast forward to 2023, and we witnessed further advancements in automotive technology that elevated the Dodge Charger to new heights. With updated safety features, improved fuel efficiency, and enhanced connectivity options

The neutral years of 2017 and 2023 showcased not only the evolution of an automotive icon but also represented a pivotal period in which drivers experienced both nostalgia for tradition alongside excitement for cutting-edge advancements.

The Worst Years: 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2018, 2021

The years 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2018, and 2021 were not without their challenges. Amidst the struggles and hardships of these years, there were also significant moments of resilience and growth.

These were the years that tested our collective strength and forced us to confront difficult truths about the world we live in. It was during these tumultuous times that many of us found unexpected reserves of determination and creativity.

The world faced economic downturns, natural disasters, and social unrest during these years, the Dodge Charger became a beacon of hope for those who sought reliability, power, and durability in uncertain times.

The Dodge challenges we faced spurred innovation and inspired new ways of thinking about progress and perseverance. Looking back on this time with fresh eyes allows us to appreciate the transformative impact it had on individuals and communities around the world.

Dodge Charger Average Resale Values

The resale value of the Dodge Charger has remained surprisingly strong in recent years, defying the conventional wisdom that large sedans rapidly depreciate.

 best & worst Dodge Charger years


We are discussed above the best & worst Dodge Charger years. From the powerful performance and iconic design of the early 1970s models to the modern technology and comfort features of recent years, there is much to admire about this classic American muscle car.

Whether you’re a fan of vintage muscle or cutting-edge technology, there’s a Charger out there for everyone. So do your research, take a few test drives, and find the perfect Charger for you.


Are there any years that stand out for their fuel efficiency?

The 2014 Dodge Charger V6 offers commendable fuel efficiency, making it an attractive option for those prioritizing economy.